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Every newly registered/joined member start with VIP member. In order to upgrade member to PRO, SILVER, GOLD or PLATINUM, member has to make minimum deposit accordingly as illustrated above. Our advanced system would auto detect and assigned member to respective club on every first day of the month.
Scenario 1: Member A make a total deposit of RM12,000 in January. In February, our system would automatically upgrade member A to SILVER member and he/she would immediately enjoy the benefits of SILVER member.
Scenario 2: Same member A make a total deposit of RM55,000 in February. In March, member A would be automatically assigned as GOLD member and immediately enjoy the benefits of GOLD member.

1. Welcome credit/Birthday Bonus Member required to contact our livechat to claim. Turnover x2 required to withdraw the credit.
2. VIP Deposit Bonus is a special deposit bonus. The member has the flexibility to choose this exclusive deposit bonus or the common bonus whenever member make deposit. Withdraw turnover is applicable.
3. Validity All Membership is valid for ONE year. System will reset every 1st day of the year. Membership will be downgrade if member do not make enough deposit as specified in their membership tier within a period of 6 months
4. Premium Experience referring to the ultimate experience that VIP will get to enjoy in our exclusive partnership with hotels, spa, resort etc. Our VIP club team will personally notify the VIP on the benefit.
5. All member regardless which club he/she is in, is eligible to access our dedicated movie site and DJ Station. Huge selection of movie from US, Korea, Chinese, Malay movie, even LIVE SPORT channel is available to stream for FREE at member convenient.
6. FoodPanda888 implement strict fair play policy, any member found to exploit the membership system, we reserved the right to BAN member account and FORFEIT any account balance.